PanGo Upgrades Location-Management Platform

ARCwire - PanGo announced version 4.5 of its PanOS Platform, delivering a comprehensive solution for managing location information across the extended enterprise. Now, customers can leverage location data from a variety of RFID and Real Time Location System (RTLS) sources and integrate it into enterprise applications in a unified and standards-based way.

Building on its Wi-Fi and passive RFID capabilities, the PanOS Platform now includes support for several additional location technologies, including 802.15.4, ultra-wideband, and infrared. Now, leveraging the open and flexible architecture of the PanOS Platform, customers can integrate as many of these location technologies as present and future needs demand—whether required by a single-departmental-use case or to support enterprisewide asset tracking. Flexibility in choosing from a variety of proven locating technologies also allows customers to optimize the cost of their deployments by blending location data from multiple technologies in a single deployment into a single cohesive view of location across the enterprise.

Version 4.5 of PanOS features several new out-of-the-box location providers—the interfaces that receive and process location data—for each location-tracking technology. These new location providers build on the library of location-tracking technologies already supported in PanOS, including integration to the Cisco 2710 Wireless Location Appliance, application-level, events-based passive RFID, and PanGo's own RSSI-based location technology.

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