PanGo Introduces Mobile-Asset Tracking Solution

PanGo Networks has introduced a "comprehensive" solution for tracking critical mobile assets: The PanOS Platform 4.0 and the PanGo Locator 4.0. PanGo's open and standards-based location management platform, combined with its production-proven Web-based asset tracking application, gives companies "unprecedented" asset visibility, improving asset utilization, operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and ROI.

As real-time asset tracking becomes the must-have capability in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, the PanGo solution gives organizations new levels of accuracy, flexibility, and scalability to locate and track assets, personnel, and inventory, while capitalizing on the pervasive adoption of wireless local area networks and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Available now and designed based on extensive input from customers and partners, key enhancements to version 4.0 include advanced location management capabilities, expanded event-based notifications, a redesigned user interface across all PanGo Locator applications, and streamlined integration with third-party solutions. Building on an intuitive Web-based real-time locating system, the enhanced PanGo solution provides "unmatched" asset monitoring, reporting, notification and management capabilities, and Wi-Fi tags in a single solution.

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