Panasonic Introduces First 4K 30p Wearable Camera

Panasonic Introduces First 4K 30p Wearable Camera
Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America

As per Panasonic, the HX-A500 (A500) debuts as the world's first 4K/30p wearable camera. Featuring Wi-Fi and NFC, the main unit is separate from the lens unit, allowing users to mount the lens at face level and perform hands-free shooting. Small and lightweight, the lens unit weighs just over 1 oz. Other features include 4 K/30p image quality, waterproof and dustproof, a head mount with support at three points, 160º shooting angle for an immersive view, 1/2.3-inch BSI sensor, Crystal Engine Pro+ for image processing, tilt correction and image stabilization, slow motion video, and a 1.5-inch color LCD. The A500 will be available in the U.S. at the beginning of July. To learn more, visit  

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
Newark, NJ

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