Palm-Sized Thermal Imager from Land Instruments

Palm-Sized Thermal Imager from Land Instruments
Land Instruments International
Land Instruments Intl., Infrared Temperature Measurement, Dronfield, U.K., offers the Guide M3 palm-held thermal imager that offers fingertip controls, provision for voice annotation, onboard image processing, memory for 100 images and USB connectivity. The imager has a temperature measurement range of –20°C to 250°C with 0.12°C sensitivity. Features include simultaneous spot and area analysis, line profile, isotherm analysis, and electronic zoom. One cursor automatically tracks the position and temperature of the hottest spot in the image while a second cursor at the image's center indicates temperature and provides a reference for inspection analysis.

Contact Info

Company: Land Instruments International
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1246-417691

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