Paddle Wheel Flowmeter Minds The Budget Reliably

The DRB series paddle wheel flowmeters are an economical yet reliable solution for measuring liquid flows in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter. The unique “insertion” impeller design protrudes minimally into the flow stream, which minimizes head loss and allows for measurement of dirty liquids and liquids with high solid content, without risk of failure. They feature a PVDF impeller supported on a ceramic bearing system which provides an exceptionally long life and excellent chemical resistance properties. They are available with either brass or stainless steel threaded bodies. A Hall effect sensor detects the passing of permanent magnets imbedded in the impeller blades. The output of the Hall sensor is converted to a linear pulse or 4-20 mA signal. Optionally, a variety of displays and controllers are available to provide flow rate indication, analog outputs and programmable setpoint switches. The combination of simple, reliable design and the variety of body materials and electronics makes the DRB a sure solution for the toughest flow metering applications. Applications include monitoring cooling water, general mechanical engineering, waste-water treatment, and chemical control.


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