Ozmo Devices, Avago Intro Optical Mouse Reference Design

SAN FRANCISCO, CA /PRNewswire/ -- INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM -- Ozmo Devices, the leading provider of low-power Wi-Fi Personal Area Network (Wi-Fi PAN) solutions, and Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial, and consumer applications, announced a complete optical mouse design kit leveraging Ozmo's breakthrough Wi-Fi PAN solution. Ozmo Devices' Wi-Fi PAN solution enables connectivity between peripherals such as mice and headsets and Wi-Fi-enabled platforms. The reference design kit, OZMO-AV35-RD, uses Ozmo Devices' OZMO1000 IC, and Avago's ADNB-3532 optical mouse sensor.

"Wi-Fi PAN is rapidly emerging as the technology of choice for peripheral product connectivity. Our Wi-Fi PAN solution leverages the Wi-Fi capability already present in many platforms, eliminating the need for an additional radio or a dongle. Through this collaboration, Ozmo Devices and Avago Technologies make possible the rapid development of Wi-Fi PAN based mouse products," said Dave Timm, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ozmo Devices. "By combining our low-power single chip IC with Avago's industry leading LED-based and laser-based navigation sensors, mouse manufacturers now have a solution superior to any based on legacy wireless methods." The reference design will be demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, August 19–21, 2008 at booth 856/857.

"By partnering with Ozmo Devices to create products that support Wi-Fi PAN technology, we will be offering our customers the next evolution in peripheral technology," said Khin Mien Chong, General Manager, Navigation Interface Division, Avago Technologies. "This new jointly developed reference design kit from Avago and Ozmo will enable mouse manufacturers to quickly design power efficient, feature-rich input devices that offer best in class tracking. In addition, by leveraging our worldwide support network, manufacturers can easily order this reference design kit and start designing with our products today."

About the Reference Design Kit
This reference design mouse utilizes Ozmo Devices' OZMO1000 and Avago Technologies' ADNB-3532 low-power sensor bundle as the navigation engine. It is based on Avago's innovative small form factor (SFF) packaging with an integrated LED for illumination. The bundle consists of a chip-on-board ADNS-3530 navigation sensor and a SFF lens ADNS-3150-001. The total height of the package is less than 3 millimeters.

"The availability of Wi-Fi PAN solutions for the short range wireless market couldn't have come at a better time. Consumers are looking for more technologies that are standards based to enable their peripherals," said Van Baker, Research Vice President, Gartner. "The Wi-Fi PAN market is slated to grow rapidly in the coming years. Peripheral manufacturers that leverage the Wi-Fi PAN solution have an opportunity to grow market share and delight customers with better products."

For more information about the OZMO-AV35-RD reference design kit, go to http://www.ozmodevices.com/formRD.

Avago's navigation interface products are available through its direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.

About Avago Technologies
Avago Technologies is a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. By leveraging its core competencies in III-V compound and silicon semiconductor design and processing, the company provides an extensive range of analog, mixed signal and optoelectronics components and subsystems to more than 40,000 customers. Backed by strong customer service support, the company's products serve four diverse end markets: industrial and automotive, wired infrastructure, wireless communications, and computer peripherals. Avago has a global employee presence and heritage of technical innovation dating back 40 years to its Hewlett-Packard roots.