Oxygen Sensor from Hummingbird Sensing Technology

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Hummingbird Sensing Technology

The Paracube Sprint from Hummingbird Sensing Technology, Crowborough, U.K., is a paramagnetic oxygen sensor with a full measurement range of 0–100% O2 and a size of 43.3 by 30 mm by 33.5 mm for use in medical oxygen monitoring applications. Features include industry-leading levels of linearity, accuracy, and reliability, a nonconsumable design that provides excellent measurement stability, analog and digital signal outputs, and a fast enough response time to reconstruct and monitor expired oxygen, enabling clinical decisions to be made. The sensor is suited for use in breath-by-breath applications such as anesthesia and pulmonary function testing.

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Company: Hummingbird Sensing Technology
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: 281-413-7579

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