Oxygen Monitor Reduces Asphyxiation Risks In MRI Rooms

Maintaining the quality of breathing air in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility is vital to the health and safety of patients, MRI technologists and hospital maintenance staff. MRI systems use compressed (liquid) helium, a nontoxic, odorless, colorless nonflammable gas, to cool down the superconductive magnets in MRI scanners. There is a potential risk of the helium being released from the MRI system. This can be due to equipment malfunction, power outage or some form of extreme magnetic or vibrational disturbances.


If helium escapes from the MRI system, helium gas can be released into the atmosphere of the MRI room, and will quickly displace oxygen, reducing the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere to unsafe levels. Reduced oxygen levels can cause fatigue, confusion and disorientation without individuals even being aware. If oxygen levels are further reduced, fatalities may result in minutes. This puts the technician, patients and anyone in or entering the MRI room in danger.

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ENMET ISA-60M oxygen monitor and alarm systems with remote MRI-5175 oxygen sensor transmitters will continuously monitor oxygen levels and communicate through a 4-20 mA output, plus RS-485, to the ISA-60M controller which is mounted in the control room for MRI operators to observe during MRI scanning procedures. If the oxygen in the atmosphere goes below unsafe levels, visual and audible alarms will indicate dangerous conditions and alert staff. When designing an MRI room, consider incorporating ENMET’s ISA-60M with an MRI-5175 to provide more confidence in keeping patients and staff safe. For more details, call ENMET at 800-521-2978 or visit their website.


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