Oxygen Analyzer from Servomex

Oxygen Analyzer from Servomex

Servomex, Crowborough, U.K., offers the SERVOTOUGH-Oxy oxygen gas analyzer. The device features fault and calibration histories, NAMUR-compliant relay functions, Modbus communications, autovalidation and autocalibration, SS pipe work, automatic range change, fixed background gas compensation, and measurement filtration. A fully heated sample compartment removes the requirement for a sampling conditioning system on all samples with a dew point of up to 50°C. A flow sensor after the measurement outlet guarantees accurate flow alarm settings. An integrated pressure compensation system compensates for barometric pressure and back pressure variations from flare stacks. Applications include process control, safety critical oxidation, flare stack analysis, product purity, feedstock clean-up, inerting, or blanketing.

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Company: Servomex
Phone number: 281-295-5800

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