Oxygen Analyzer Approved for Hazardous Area Use In Canada & US

Oxygen Analyzer Approved for Hazardous Area Use In Canada & US
Michell Instruments Inc.

The XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer now carries CCSAUS certification, making it ready for use in both hazardous and general purpose areas in the US and Canada. The instrument also carries ATEX and IEC Ex certification, broadening its global hazardous area coverage. The XTP601 uses thermo-paramagnetic technology to make measurements of oxygen in background gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, and hydrocarbon gases. It is capable of measuring oxygen ranges from 0 to 1% up to 0 to 25%. Typical hazardous area applications include monitoring of inert or blanketing gases in refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. General purpose applications include inert gas generators and breathing air. A datasheet is at http://www.michell.com/us/documents/XTP601_97314_US_Datasheet-V4.pdf


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