OVAL Aims To Create World's First Affordable, Versatile Industrial-Strength Sensor

Shooting for the stars as they say, OVAL CEO Rich Cosgrove, who spent two decades developing proprietary appliances for the healthcare sector, teams up with electrical engineer and inventor Lars Gerd Piwkowski, and Manhattan executive producer Mike Harry to develop, manufacture, and market the world’s first affordable industrial-strength sensor. The versatile OVAL Sensor detects changes in motion, acceleration, moisture, temperature, light, and proximity. Users can monitor and adjust it with their computers and/or smart phones. The sensor can also be used as burglar alarm and energy consumption monitor. According to its makers, the sensor is revolutionary because it’s simple to use yet customizable and affordable.

Essentially, the device is targeting the home healthcare market. “More accidents happen at home than anywhere else,” says OVAL co-founder Rich Cosgrove, “We’re happy to bring what we think will be a safeguarding revolution to the marketplace.”

“The risk of accidents can be greatly reduced by OVAL because it can alert a user when someone opens the medicine cabinet or approaches toxic chemicals”, adds CMO Mike Harry. “OVAL sensors can safeguard expensive or sentimental items, medicine and liquor cabinets, toxic chemicals, doors and windows, files, and vehicles, and it can detect changes in light, acceleration, proximity, moisture and temperature, protect pipes from freezing, and prevent costly flood damage.”

Eliminating real and perceived complexities, uses need only connect OVAL to their internet router or modem and then place sensors anywhere inside or outside of their home or office. The sensors can talk to the gateway at distances up to 1,500 feet. A unique tap code can also be set to prevent tampering and allow alarms to activate or deactivate completely.

In terms of affordability, a basic kit consisting of one gateway and one sensor starts at $149. Through Oval’s Indiegogo campaign, exclusive discounts are currently being offered ($79-$99 for a starter kit, shipping not included). For more details, contact Mike Harry via email at [email protected].

Oval Digital Inc. - [email protected] - http://www.ovaldigital.com

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