OriginGPS Launches World's Smallest GNSS Module

AIRPORT CITY, Israel --- OriginGPS releases the ORG 4500 series, a cutting edge, fully-integrated product that supports ultra-compact applications for both GPS and GLONASS. This newest GNSS product perfects the industry's most comprehensive GNSS/GPS family of solutions," said Haim Goldberger, CEO of OriginGPS. The ORG 4500, kin to the lean and mean ORG 4400 series introduced last year, addresses the ever-increasing demand for high precision with the smallest possible footprint, and takes the company's ground-breaking ultra-small form factor to a new level.

OriginGPS offers a range of fully-integrated GNSS/GPS and antenna solutions, encompassing a wide gamut of standard and essential tools for navigation. The small form factor and high sensitivity of OriginGPS's modules enable new business models like 'machine as a service', and are ideally suited for a variety of applications - wearables, like smart watches and pet tracking, and also smart cities and drones. OriginGPS modules are deployed around the globe in key sectors, such as transportation, civil engineering, precision agriculture and time reference.

Ramping up the race to offer the best NarrowBand IoT products, OriginGPS continues to expand its presence in the global navigation market with a steady stream of new IoT-enabled solutions, like its recently released IoT platform (ORG 2100). A key theme again at this year's Mobile World Congress was the IoT, with an additional focus on the challenges of ensuring interoperability of home and industrial applications. OriginGPS's IoT Platform effectively removes usability challenges with a plethora of customizable sensors, such as temperature, pressure, accelerometer, light and humidity.


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