OptoForce brings sense of touch to U.S. Robots

Budapest, Hungary --- Robotics company OptoForce has opened a U.S. office missioned with bringing a much-needed sense of touch for robots. Already used successfully in medical and service sectors and other difficult-to-automate assembly tasks throughout Western Europe and Asia, the company’s 6-axis force/torque sensors will be featured at Automate 2017 April 3-6.

Easy-to-install, light-weight and robust, the OptoForce 6-axis sensors create a sense of touch for robots required to perform high-precision work such as polishing, bolt insertion, and other finer assembly tasks. Currently compatible with robots from Universal Robots and KUKA, OptoForce sensors automate these tasks, increasing efficiency, speeding project development and decreasing overall production costs.

OptoForce founders, then university students, worked together on a walking robot, where they faced constant issues with the weight, rigidity and cost of then available multi-axis force sensors. To address the many challenges, they developed a prototype of the current sensors that used infrared light to detect deformations of the silicone sensor structure. This radically new and unique approach forms the basis of the current OptoForce solution and guarantees precise measurements even up to 200 percent overload.

Learn more at http://www.OptoForce.com

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