Opto Diode Unleashes NXIR-5C, Red to Near-IR Enhanced Surface-Mount Photodiode

Opto Diode Corporation introduces the NXIR-5C, a red to near-infrared (NIR) enhanced photodiode with a circular active area of 5 mm2. With a spectral response from 320 nm to 1100 nm, the rugged photodiode is housed in a custom 4.7 mm x 4.9 mm ceramic carrier surface-mount device (SMD) package.

The NXIR-5C provides a low reverse bias and high sensitivity at 0.62 A/W @ 850 nm and 0.35 A/W at 1064 nm. It has low dark current at 1nA, low capacitance of 5 pico-farads (pF) at 10 volts, and high shunt resistance greater than 100 MΩ.

The NIR-enhanced detector is specially designed for laser monitoring, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial automation, scientific measurement, and military applications which require a wide operating temperature range from -40 degrees C to +125 degrees C. The robust package features an AR-coated window that provides greater than 98% transmission. The SMD is compliant with RoHS and REACH standards and is available on tape and reel.

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