Optical Sensing Platform from Luna Innovations

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Luna Innovations Inc.

The ODiSI optical distributed sensor interrogator from Luna Innovations Inc., Roanoke, VA, provides fully distributed strain or temperature measurements by using optical fiber as a continuous sensor. The sensing platform does not use Fiber Bragg grating fiber. It gathers strain or temperature data along the entire surface under test and lets you redefine sensing points in postprocessing. Max. sensing length is 50 m, spatial resolution is 5 mm, and accuracy is ±1 µstrain and ±0.1°C with 1 cm gauge length, ±15,000 µstrain with 50 m version, and ±13,000 µstrain with 10 m version. Applications include aerospace, automotive, energy, and composite industry structural or mechanical testing.

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Company: Luna Innovations Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 540-961-5190
Fax: 540-961-5191

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