Optical Oxygen Sensors from Mettler Toledo

Optical Oxygen Sensors from Mettler Toledo
Mettler Toledo AG

Mettler Toledo AG, Urdorf, Switzerland, and Bedford, MA, offers the InPro 6880i optical oxygen sensor for biopharmaceutical processes. The sensor incorporates an oxygen-sensitive layer containing immobilized marker molecules that respond to light via a chemo-optical mechanism. The output is influenced by the amount of oxygen diffusing into the layer. The 12 mm/Pg13.5 sensors are fully sterilizable and autoclavable and offer N5/Ra16 (Ra 0.4 µm/16 µm) surface finish, sanitary design, FDA approval, and USP Class VI-certified seals. Built-in intelligent sensor management technology provides plug and measure functionality and offers advanced diagnostics.

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Company: Mettler Toledo AG
Phone number: +41 44-729-6211

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