Optical Level Sensor Compatible With Wide Range Of Liquids

The KOBOLD TED series electro-optic level switch operates independent of liquid properties, such as: color, viscosity, dielectric constant, density, conductivity, contamination and temperature. It is compact, self-contained, and is an all solid-state design. Reliability and operational consistency is ensured by use of a design that contains no moving or wearing parts. Installation is simple: thread the body into a container, reservoir or pipe. The body is available in polysulfone or PFA and can accommodate a variety of containers and chemicals. For applications requiring dry contacts or a greater electrical switching capacity, consider pairing the TED with the KOBOLD RL-59xx series power supply/relay module. Features in a nutshell include:

  • Operation Independent of Liquid Properties
  • Compatible with Most Liquids
  • Compact, Self-contained, All Solid-state Design
  • Reliable, No Moving Parts to Wear Out
  • Easy to Install
  • Polysulfone or PFA Construction
  • No Adjustment or Calibration Required

Need more details? Download and dicker through the KOBOLD TED series datasheet and the user manual.

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