Optical/Electrical Converter from Highland

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Highland Technology Inc.

The PH200 from Highland Technology Inc., San Francisco, CA, is a single-channel, benchtop nanowatt low-noise optical-to-electrical converter that provides near shot noise performance in a rugged, compact package. The photon feedback architecture delivers a bandwidth >1 MHz and an unprecedented combination of linearity, bandwidth, and dynamic range for 10 nA to 100 µA photodiode signals. Features include DC to 1 MHz bandwidth on 1µA range, DC to 3 MHz bandwidth on 100 µA range, shot-noise-limited above 60 nA with noise approaching 1.76 dB above shot noise at larger currents, a calibration check switch, and logarithmic signal monitor and overload LEDs.

Contact Info

Company: Highland Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 415-551-1700
Fax: 415-551-5129

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