Opgal Launches Therm-App ~ World's First Android Thermal Imaging Camera

KARMIEL, Israel -- Opgal Optronic Industries announced the launch of Therm-App. Therm-App turns smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring high-resolution thermography and long range, enhanced night vision capabilities for Android mobile devices. Therm-App™ is the first unique solution for merging the exploding Android smartphone world with the Thermal Imaging world. The innovative, patent pending technology can be used by professionals in multiple use cases in security, safety, healthcare, veterinary, construction, maintenance, wildlife observation and many other applications.

View the introductory clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMVwY4MJGds

"Therm-App brings enhanced long-range vision and high-resolution thermography to Android devices, offering an unmatched resolution of 384 x 288, previously only available on standalone professional cameras and devices," says Amit Mattatia, President & CEO of Opgal. "Opgal is proud to be the first company to deliver a high quality, mobile thermal imaging solution to individual and corporate professionals using the open Android platform."

The lightweight and compact Therm-App™ device fits multiple phone models. It can also be mounted on any tripod or camera handle using its standard connector. With its interchangeable lenses system, the Therm-App™ device provides effective detection of faraway targets through its long range (19mm) lens, and a wider view through its 6.8mm lens. Its 8.7Hz FPS version is export license free.

Through an easy to use, plug & play device, Therm-App™ enables smartphone users to record, save, and share thermal images and videos with their contacts through using email, mobile messaging applications, or social networks.

Currently available to Opgal's customers, the Therm-App™ device is offered with a variety of accessories.

For more info, visit http://www.therm-app.com and http://www.opgal.com

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