Op Amps Cruise On 140V

Op Amps Cruise On 140V
Linear Technology Corp.

The LTC6091 and LTC6090-5 precision op amps operate on a supply voltage up to 140V (±70V). The dual LTC6091 features separate output disable pins, making it useful in high voltage multiplexed applications while the decompensated single LTC6090-5 amplifier offers higher speed and is stable at a gain of 5 or above. The LTC6090, LTC6090-5, and LTC6091 specify an input offset voltage of 1.25mV max over temperature and a low frequency (1/f) noise of 3.5 µVp-p from 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz. The CMOS input structure keeps the input bias current to 50 pA maximum at 85°C, making the LTC6090 family suitable for sensor circuits and other applications requiring high input impedance. The decompensated LTC6090-5 offers 24 MHz gain-bandwidth product and 37 V/µs slew rate, compared with 12MHz and 21V/µs for the gain-of-1 stable LTC6090 and LTC6091. Supply current is 3.9mA per amplifier max and output short-circuit current is typically ±90 mA. The LTC6090 and LTC6090-1 are available in eight-pin SOIC and 16-pin TSSOPs and the LTC6091 is offered in a 16-pin, 4 mm x 6 mm QFN package. Prices start at $3.45 each/1,000 for the LTC6090 and LTC6090-5, and $6.61 each/1,000 for the LTC6091. For more information, visit

Linear Technology Corp.
Milpitas, CA.

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