Online Support Platform Helps Engineers Find Answers To Design Challenges

Online Support Platform Helps Engineers Find Answers To Design Challenges
Semtech Corp.

Semtech Corporation has launched an online support community platform to help design engineers quickly find and share answers to their application and design questions via simple to use online tools, such as discussion groups, document knowledge base, training modules and partner catalogs. The community platform consists of five communities covering the following technology areas: 1) LoRa RF Wireless; 2) Broadcast Video; 3) Power Management, including wireless charging; 4) Circuit Protection; and 5) Security and Surveillance chipsets. Each community has its own following and central moderator to help ensure design engineers get answers to their product design or application questions in a timely manner.

All communities include self-service modules such as a knowledge base, which provides FAQs, application notes, technical notes and other documents, as well as an online forum where engineers can post questions and share ideas with each other. The LoRa area is an exclusive community that features additional online training modules, a partner solutions catalog, and a Community Xchange feature that allows customers to interact directly with companies in the LoRaWAN Alliance ecosystem that can help them build, enhance or integrate IoT applications. To learn more or sign up, visit  

Semtech Corporation
Camarillo, CA
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Company: Semtech Corp.
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