Online Moisture Analyzer from Sartorius

Online Moisture Analyzer from Sartorius
Sartorius AG

Sartorius AG, Goettingen, Germany, offers the PMD300 moisture analyzer for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, or material processing. The analyzer uses microwave resonance technology to provide the measured moisture content (both surface and core) of the target material in <1 s. Measurement range is between 0.1% to 60% moisture content, depending on the type of sensor used. The analysis is independent of matrix properties such as product color or density, allowing different batches to be analyzed without the need to recalibrate the analyzer. The analyzer averages the individual measurements over a user-defined period and sends them to a PC, switch cabinet, or PLC.

Contact Info

Company: Sartorius AG
Phone number: +49 (0)551-308-3684
Fax: +49 (0)551-308-3572

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