Omron Acquires Stake in Laserfront

ARCwire -- Omron Corp. confirmed that it has acquired 95% of ordinary shares in Laserfront Technologies Inc. (LFT) from Japan Industrial Partners Inc., NEC Corp., and other major shareholders. The acquisition is pursuant to a preliminary agreement to form a business tie-up and capital alliance with LFT announced on May 17.

Following the acquisition, the name Laserfront Technologies Inc. was officially changed to Omron Laserfront Inc.

By adding LFT's cutting-edge laser repair, marker, and welding products to its own extensive line-up of sensors and measurement devices, Omron plans to unlock new revenue streams by offering total solutions that cover all stages of the manufacturing process, from machining and assembly to inspection. In addition, while Omron has a well-established global customer base spanning multiple industries, LFT is a major supplier of laser processing equipment to the LCD, semiconductor, and electronic components industries. The new alliance will allow the two companies to provide an enhanced product offering to their respective customers and achieve even greater customer satisfaction.

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