OmniVision's Global Shutter CameraCubeChip™ Brings Computer Vision To Mobile Devices, Notebooks, Wearables

SANTA CLARA, CA -- OmniVision Technologies, Inc. launches the OVM6211 CameraCubeChip, a complete global shutter camera solution in the industry's smallest form factor. The OVM6211 is a key enabler for a number of advanced features in today's consumer devices, including key machine and computer vision capabilities such as gesture recognition, eye tracking and motion detection. Its superior functionality, easy adoption and compact form-factor make it an ideal camera solution for advanced consumer devices with stringent space and design constraints, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and wearables.

"The value that the OVM6211 brings to consumer electronics extends far beyond the machine and computer vision functionalities that it enables," said Aaron Chiang, director of CameraCubeChip marketing at OmniVision. "As a monolithic camera solution with x and y dimensions that are each less than 3.5 mm, the OVM6211 can easily be built into narrow-bezel devices. In addition, the CameraCubeChip allows for the use of standard surface-mount assembly processes, which can reduce both production cost and time-to-market for manufacturers."

Built on OmniVision's 3-micron OmniPixel3-GS™ global shutter pixel, the OVM6211 is capable of capturing full resolution (400 x 400 pixels) video at 120 FPS, enabling smear-free black and white image capture in both landscape and portrait mode. The OVM6211 also features a unique ultra-low power mode, which allows it to be used in an "always aware" mode with minimum power consumption.

The OVM6211 CameraCubeChip will be available in two packages. The OVM6211-RADA, intended for human interface systems such as eye tracking, will have a narrow field of view (FOV) at approximately 50 degrees. The OVM6211-RAHA, intended for applications including gesture recognition and wearable devices, will have a FOV wider than 90 degrees. The OVM6211 is currently sampling and is expected to enter volume production during the fourth quarter of 2014.

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