OmniVision Intros Smallest Automotive Imaging SoC

SANTA CLARA, CA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:OVTI) a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, unveiled its latest AutoVision imaging solutions, designed to address the automotive industry's demand for more vivid imaging in driver assistance applications such as back-up camera and blind spot detection systems. The ultra-compact 1/4 inch OV7960 and OV7962 delivers exceptional low-light performance (<0.01/lux) in the world's smallest automotive qualified package—up to 50% smaller than competing CMOS devices.

"Our latest AutoVision devices deliver the superior low-light performance and ultra compact package designers need to produce vivid high-definition images for the next wave of driver assistance applications," said Inayat Khajasha, senior product manager for Automotive Solutions at OmniVision. "With the industry's best responsivity of 12V/lux-sec, we're confident in our ability to meet the demand of new vehicle manufacturers, particularly as in-vehicle video continues to rise in popularity."

In-Vehicle Video Going Mainstream
Demand for in-vehicle video cameras is expected to rise as automotive manufacturers integrate video cameras in more mainstream vehicles*. According to Techno Systems Research (TSR), a third-party market research firm, the percentage of new vehicles with integrated cameras is projected to increase from ~20% in 2008 to nearly 70% in 2012. CMOS sensors are projected to represent the majority of unit sales, as CCD unit sales continue to decline.

"In the current economic environment, automakers are looking to substantially reduce costs while continuing to add new features and improve image quality and reliability," said Tetsuo Omori, senior analyst at TSR. "OmniVision's new AutoVision solution provides the right product at the right time, and should further strengthen their leadership position in this fast growing and evolving market."

Advanced Imaging Capabilities
The OV7960/OV7962 provide the inherent advantages of CMOS, including higher integration and a lower overall bill-of-material cost, while exceeding the performance of competing CCD solutions. Built on the most advanced front side illumination OmniPixel3-HS architecture, the high-performance OV7960 provides the full functionality of a single-chip analog output sensor. The OV7960 is optimized for interlaced NTSC/PAL signal formats to directly interface with in-car LCD screens or devices with 75 Ohm loading, while the OV7962 is optimized for digital progressive and analog applications. Both versions operate across a wide-temperature range, from –40°C to 105°C meeting AEC-Q100, grade-2 requirements.

Extra pixels in both devices allow users to adjust the camera setup by moving the active area of the image in both vertical and horizontal directions. This feature is especially useful in fine tuning the viewing window to compensate for mechanical misalignments.

Unique Approach to Distortion Correction
Realizing that electronic distortion correction has major disadvantages such as latency, loss of image resolution, and additional processing/heat source, OmniVision has worked closely with lens partners to develop a unique distortion corrected lens solution, resulting in optimized system performance, superior overall image quality, lowest possible system cost and faster time-to-market.

Packaging and Availability
Offering the world's smallest package of 6.67 mm x 7.12 mm x 0.71 mm, the OV7960 and OV7692 devices are provided in identical 62-pin AutoVision CSP (aCSP) lead-free packages. Samples are immediately available with volume production projected for the third quarter of calendar 2009.

About OmniVision Automotive Solutions
OmniVision is the leading supplier of CMOS imaging solutions to the automotive market, with over 50 percent market share* and a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions designed specifically to serve the needs of the automotive industry. Applying over a decade of industry knowledge, experience, and road-proven technology, OmniVision's rich portfolio provides today's automotive designers with a broad selection of sensors, evaluation kits and development platforms to improve time-to-market and substantially reduce overall system cost. With offices and dedicated staff around the globe, OmniVision provides unrivalled customer support. For more information on the company's solutions for the automotive market, visit the OmniVision Web site.

About OmniVision
OmniVision Technologies designs and markets high-performance semiconductor image sensors. Its products using OmniBSI, OmniPixel(R), OmniPixel2, OmniPixel3 and OmniPixel3-HS technologies are highly integrated, single-chip CMOS image sensors for mass-market consumer and commercial applications such as mobile phones, notebooks, security and surveillance systems, digital still cameras, automotive and medical imaging systems and interactive video games.

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