OmniVision and eyeSight Collaboration Brings Gesture Recognition Technology to a Wide Range of Applications

SANTA CLARA, CA -- OmniVision Technologies, Inc. and eyeSight Technologies Ltd. announce their co-development of next-generation gesture recognition technology in the industry's smallest form factor. eyeSight's gesture recognition technology, together with OmniVision's OVM6211 complete global shutter camera solution, can recognize a rich language of intuitive touch-free gestures with optimal speed, accuracy and efficiency — even in varying or low-light conditions, bringing gesture recognition to a wide range of applications.

"One of the frustrations with gesture recognition solutions in the market today is that they tend to work poorly in low light conditions," said Gideon Shmuel, CEO at eyeSight. "OmniVision's easily integrated OVM6211 global shutter sensor, working in tandem with our gesture recognition technology, can overcome the inherent challenges of recognizing gestures in difficult lighting conditions. This is critical for enhancing user experience and further broadening the scope of potential applications."

"This jointly developed solution represents an ideal option for OEMs looking to build a smartphone or tablet with gesture control functionality at a price point that appeals to the mass market," added Paul Gallagher, senior director of marketing and business development at OmniVision. "We continue to work with eyeSight to enhance the accuracy and speed of gesture-recognition solutions with our latest image sensors."

The OVM6211 CameraCubeChip™ is a complete camera solution with a lens, sensor and packaging that uses a 3-micron OmniPixel3-GS™ global shutter pixel, enabling it to capture high-resolution video at 120 frames per second (FPS). The OVM6211's compact form factor, together with eyeSight's 'slim' software-based technology, makes gesture control viable for space-constrained devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables. The OVM6211 also consumes extremely low power when active or in standby mode, thus allowing for extended battery performance.

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