OmniVision and ASTRI’s New Heads Up Display (HUD) Delivers Clear Information to the Driver’s Line-of-Sight

LAS VEGAS, NV — OmniVision Technologies, Inc. and the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) announce a new heads up display (HUD) for next-generation automobiles that delivers bright, clear information to drivers, even in daylight. Built on OmniVision’s OVP7200 and OVP921, the new HUD can produce 720p high definition (HD) images with reduced power consumption, vastly improved contrast ratio, and a wider operating temperate range.

“ASTRI’s collaboration with OmniVision is based on a straight-forward idea of bringing brighter and clearer information into a driver’s line-of-sight, in the hopes of reducing distractions and improving safety for drivers and passengers,” said Kenny Chan, senior manager at ASTRI. “Through close collaboration and mutual understanding of our LCOS technologies, we have jointly produced an HUD that will set a new standard for driver displays in next-generation automobiles. We hope to continue our collaboration for two-dimensional holographic HUD, which we expect to debut in 2016.”

Using OmniVision’s OVP7200 single panel, color field sequential LCOS solution, ASTRI can process the LCOS backplane to produce a vertical alignment (VA) display. In addition, ASTRI’s proprietary optical module design enables the HUD to produce excellent contrast (greater than 800:1) of more than 10,000 nits at 2 watts of LED power.

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