Omnitrol, Croop-LaFrance Partner for Tracking

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire) - Omnitrol Networks announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Croop-LaFrance Inc., a premier IT solutions provider serving both the commercial and government sectors. With this partnership the two companies are delivering complete end-to-end, EPC-based traceability and tracking solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.

The companies' joint traceability/tracking solutions advance the use of RFID technologies to enhance supply chain, MRO, logistics, and manufacturing processes. Among the advantages is the creation of a real time "sense and respond" network that enhances global asset tracking, item level track & trace, part pedigree, warranty tracking, and MR&O work-in-progress (WIP) tracking and alerting.

At the center of the partnership announced today is Omnitrol Networks' OMNITROL asset and WIP tracking and traceability products. The systems evolve existing manual and barcode tracking to EPC (Electronic Product Code) based tags automatically from existing shop floor business processes. The real-time visibility further improves efficiencies in plant operations, lean manufacturing, MRO and logistics disciplines like Just-In-Time and Kanban. This integrated solution extends customer operations into a global tracking infrastructure to track items throughout the supply-chain.

Together, Omnitrol Networks and Croop-LaFrance will target key accounts for the OMNITROL Asset and WIP solutions. Croop-LaFrance has 13-plus years of delivering solutions to the commercial sector for such companies as Xerox, Kodak and Bausch & Lomb. The company has made significant inroads into the defense sector, and has current contracts with the USAF, US Army and others. Croop is leveraging its experience from leading commercial customers to help clients in the government sector.

A full-service eSystem and network consulting, design, implementation and management consulting company, Croop-LaFrance is 8A certified and currently holds a GSA contract with the federal government.

"The aerospace and defense industries are constantly looking for better ways to manage complexity. Among their goals are the creation of 'sense and respond' supply chains that help warfighters increase availability of their weapons systems to ensure mission readiness. Omnitrol Networks' award-winning track and trace infrastructure solution is a proven, scalable and elegant approach to help existing ERP, MRO, and logistical systems achieve these goals in the aerospace and defense sectors," said David Croop, CEO of Croop-LaFrance Inc.

"Croop-LaFrance has a stellar record of deploying solutions based on best-of-breed technologies," noted Raj Saksena, president and CEO of Omnitrol Networks. "Its exceptional expertise, combined with our proven EPC-global asset tracking and traceability solution, will result in a powerful resource for aerospace and defense Industries seeking to solve and scale the challenges faced in maintaining complete traceability of their assets."

Omnitrol Networks' OMNITROL integrates with EPC tags, sensors, RFID readers, mobile handhelds, and PLC equipment to provide real-time intelligence to existing manufacturing, MRO and logistics business processes. The OMNITROL network delivers a scalable real-time location, visibility and automated asset pedigree capture infrastructure. The simple, versatile and all-in-one systems substantially lowers the total cost of ownership while providing powerful services such as workflow service creation and emulation, back-end integration, including complete device and service management and web-based provisioning.

About Omnitrol Networks, Inc.
Omnitrol Networks Inc. is a leading provider of complete EPC based business application solutions for the emerging wireless, RFID and sensor automation market. The company's award-winning OMNITROL appliance and Edge Application and Services Engine (EASE) software have pioneered the market for "Always On" real-time operational visibility, traceability and automation solutions. The OMNITROL's unique edge-centric solution architecture enables the industry's most flexible and reliable means to deploy scalable Auto-ID application intelligent networks at the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. Omnitrol Networks is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA, USA.

About Croop-LaFrance
Croop-LaFrance is a privately held, Native American Certified 8A Small Business company headquartered in Rochester, NY. Croop-LaFrance has quickly evolved into one of the premier Information Technology service providers supporting both the U.S. Government and commercial Fortune 500 clients.

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