Omnilink Introduces Offender-Monitoring Technology

ATLANTA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Omnilink, pioneer of vital status service technology, announced the launch of its next-generation offender monitoring technology, Focalpoint 2.0. Setting a new offender monitoring standard in 2005, Focalpoint is the only single-unit solution that tracks inside buildings and other places where solutions relying solely on global positioning systems do not work. The updated version enhances the user experience through more powerful mapping engines and precision location-tracking capabilities that include proactive mobile phone alerts.

Updated with feedback from judicial-industry customers and location-based services and wireless industry experts, Omnilink's Focalpoint 2.0 also tracks off-the-shelf cell phones that victims carry to detect when the offender comes too close to the victim, as mandated by the judicial system. In addition, Focalpoint 2.0 users receive automated voice alerts when violations occur. A new proprietary algorithm ensures that these alerts are accurate, thus eliminating the issue of false alerts, which have traditionally plagued the industry. Omnilink's Focalpoint 2.0 is currently deployed in more than 18 states across the U.S.

"Personal safety is greatly enhanced when judicial agencies have the tools they need to effectively enforce accountability and compliance with offenders in alternative sanction programs," explains Omnilink CEO Steve Aninye. "With a previous release, we delivered a physically superior product, a true single-unit device that is waterproof and tracks in places where other GPS devices do not. With Focalpoint 2.0, we focused on optimizing the user experience while increasing accuracy as well as providing numerous incremental features that our customers requested."

Omnilink's monitoring solutions bring an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness to alternative sanction programs. Unlike any other product in the industry, Focalpoint uses a combination of cellular technology and GPS to provide sophisticated location-awareness information in real time, even when offenders are inside buildings, buses, trains, or tunnels.

Omnilink's Web-based application makes it easy for law enforcement professionals to specify monitoring criteria, including allowed and excluded location zones, travel time and routes, and even proximity to other monitored individuals.

"Our goal is to deliver a new standard in surveillance for America's law enforcement," Aninye says. "With Focalpoint 2.0, officers know with even greater certainty where their offenders are and where they have been, allowing more time to focus on managing offenders as opposed to spending their time managing the technology."

About Omnilink Systems
Omnilink combines an unwavering commitment to innovation, thought leadership, and trust building in its pioneering and development of technologies within the Vital Status Services (VSS) industry. Omnilink builds the most powerful, durable, and reliable technology platform that provides pinpoint location services and unparalleled performance in environments where other technologies will not work, using a unique combination of GPS, RFID, and situation-specific sensors. Omnilink offers the most accurate, reliable, and efficient solutions to control, manage, and protect people and valuable assets when it matters. Omnilink's VSS solutions focus more on personal and public safety, loss prevention, and surveillance. Omnilink is the recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Mobile Vital Status Services Award and was named to the annual FierceWireless "Fierce 15" list. For more information, please visit our Web site or call 678-624-5900.

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