OMEGA Introduces FREE LITERATURE on Environmental Monitoring

The New Horizons in Environmental Monitoring is comprised of over 150 full color pages that feature the latest environmental related products from Omega Engineering. The book is divided into 6 sections: Temperature which features data loggers, sensors, M12 connectors, thermal imagers, controllers and meters; Heaters which includes hi-density cartridge heaters, screw plug immersion heaters and our OMEGALUX ® C series of heavy duty cartridge heaters; Flow Level, pH, Conductivity & Laboratory with that section focusing on analyzers, test and measurement, flow meters, transmitters, valves, and sensors; Pressure made up sensors and pressure gauges like our DPG409 series of digital pressure gauges; Data Acquisition which highlights recorders and systems; and the final section is Automation with pages dedicated to our accessories, enclosures, drives and motors.

A user-friendly index is available for easy product search, economical choices, popular models and accessories. For more details, go to  

Phone: 1-800-TC-OMEGA or 203-359-1660


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