Olea Announces OleaVision See-Through Wall Technology

RENO, NV -- Olea Sensor Networks announces its OleaVisionTM See-Through Wall Technology, which functions optimally at a distance of 3 to 4 meters from the target wall surface, requiring no contact whatsoever with that wall. Additionally, this revolutionary technology trumps other available technologies in its ability to "see" a living being, through most wall materials, regardless of whether the monitored subject is moving or motionless, and is light-weight and smaller than a smartphone.

OleaVisionTM will enable first responders and armed forces or security personnel to save more lives by quickly identifying people in search and rescue operations. This is a disruptive technology which would enhance situational awareness, particularly for military personnel, in order to identify an adversarial presence without risking exposure that comes with time spent making contact with a subject wall. OleaVision is a night vision-technology whose performance is agnostic to interference from or compromise due to thermal energy in the target area as in the case of fire or a fire fight.

Olea Sensor Networks projects OleaVisionTM for these markets to be available by August of 2016 and welcomes inquiries at any time on any of its technologies.

Additional information is available at http://www.oleasys.com

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