OKI Commercializes UV Sensor IC Using Thin-film SOI

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:6703) announced it has commercialized an ultraviolet (UV) sensor IC that has an analog voltage output and does not require an optical cut filter. Samples of the ML 8511 will be available from June for use in portable UV meters.

"We are pleased to introduce the ML8511, which is the world's first UV sensor IC using thin-film SOI. OKI has been researching thin-film SOI-based UV sensor ICs with high accuracy and that are easy to embed into mobile devices," said Takaki Yamada, President of Silicon Micro Device Company at Oki Electric Industry.

Demands for UV sensors are increasing, particularly for use in portable devices as interest in health has been rising. Conventional UV sensors use compound semiconductors such as gallium nitride, making it difficult to mount peripheral circuits on a single chip. In addition, because silicon-based UV sensors require an optical wavelength cut filter, problems such as piece-to-piece variation in sensor characteristics and decline in sensitivity can occur.

By adding a built-in operational amplifier, OKI's ML8511 enables the analog voltage output function on a single chip. The optical cut filter can also be eliminated, enabling manufacturers to develop small and high mobility UV devices at a low cost. In addition, because OKI's UV sensor IC uses SOI-CMOS technology, which enables easy integration, it is well-suited to usage in mounting digital and analog circuits.

Yamada added, "Leveraging the feature of mounting digital or analog circuits, OKI will enhance its product lineup with digital output circuits that connects to micro controllers and combining ambient light sensor into a single chip. OKI will provide this configuration for a wide range of applications, including accessory type devices to measure the amount of UV in daylight, check UV exposure, and also for home and mobile appliances."

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