Offline Buck Converter Coddles IoT Apps

Diodes Incorporated’s AL17050 universal offline buck converter is designed for low-power Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. With a wide ac input voltage range and integrated MOSFET, it delivers a constant voltage for low-power applications that need to comply with strict standby power restrictions.


The device has been developed to accept an AC input voltage between 85 and 265 Vac, making it suitable for any region. The internal MOSFET can withstand voltages of up to 500V, but is optimized for low-power applications, meaning the device only consumes 100 μA of static current. Furthermore, the device automatically adjusts to low loads, so it delivers excellent overall efficiency.

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The non-isolated design minimizes the BoM for manufacturers developing applications for the IoT, such as smart appliances, smart sensors, and connected lighting. The AL17050 delivers a constant 3.3V/5V at up to 60 mA. Other features include protection against over-temperature, over-load, output-short, and open-loop conditions. It is available in the SOT25 package and requires very few additional components in a buck converter configuration. You don’t have to take my word for it, checkout the AL17050 datasheet.

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