OEM Laser Module from Redfern Integrated Optics

Redfern Integrated Optics Inc.

Redfern Integrated Optics Inc., Santa Clara, CA, offers the ORION OEM laser module for fiber-optic sensing, RF photonics, and other low-noise applications. The module houses the company's PLANEX laser, low-noise laser driver, TEC driver, controller, and power supply in a small form factor OEM module configuration that plugs into any standard power outlet. Communication with the module is via SPI interface to GUI software on the user's computer. The module employs laser bias current and temperature adjustment circuitry to accurately control and monitor laser performance. Applications include interferometric and Brillouin DTSS systems, LIDAR, test and measurement, OTDR, and structural integrity monitoring.

Contact Info

Company: Redfern Integrated Optics Inc.
Phone number: 408-970-3500

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