OCUs Bask In Explosive Environments

OCUs Bask In Explosive Environments
Laird Technologies Inc.

Increasing safety levels in hazardous areas, the LRC-M1-IS and the LRC-L1-IS intrinsically safe operator control units (OCUs) carry approvals for use in highly explosive environments. They are part of the CattronControl globally compliant family of remote control systems for cranes, lifting equipment, and a range of other machines. Users are able to safely position themselves to best advantage without being tied to a manual control station or wired pendant. Both OCUs employ dual-processor electronics and safety critical software that reside in an ergonomic and robust housing. Features include an external memory button, approval for Zone 0 use, and a battery that lasts for 12 hours of continuous use. The LRC-M1-IS is a mid-size OCU while the LRC-L1-IS is a full size unit.

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