Ocular Announces the Crystal Touch EDGE

DALLAS, TX -- Ocular LCD, Inc. announces the addition of the Crystal Touch EDGE to their touch panel product offerings. The Crystal Touch EDGE is a single-layer, all-glass projected capacitive touch panel featuring a single FPC and Chip on Flex (COF) assembly. The EDGE is available with or without optically bonded cover glass.

Crystal Touch panels provide maximum optical clarity and true multi-touch functionality. The new Crystal Touch EDGE panels have increased transmissivity due to the single-layer design and the all-glass construction provides a scratch resistant surface that won't deform with frequent use. Crystal Touch EDGE panels operate with a stylus or finger(s) interaction.

"Atmel is proud to foster continued product development leveraging maXTouch® technologies to create thinner, functional touch solutions that are visually transparent, such as the Crystal Touch EDGE," said Jon Kiachian, vice president of marketing, touch products at Atmel. "Our collaboration with Ocular helps OEMs design natural interfaces that exceed user's expectations."

"The release of the EDGE product is a significant step forward for Ocular," said Paul Massey, sr. vice president of marketing and sales at Ocular. "It was the continued support from Atmel and the efforts of our engineering team that created the ultra-thin, high performance sensor we wanted to bring to our customers. Applications that require a thinner stack-up, such as Point of Sale terminals and handheld inventory controls/scanners, will benefit from the Crystal Touch EDGE. The scratch-resistant surface and reduced thickness increases design flexibility and helps reduce the overall thickness of the device."

The thickness of standard Crystal Touch PCAP panels has been reduced by over 30% to create the ultra-thin, Crystal Touch EDGE. Eliminating a layer of glass and optical adhesive gives standard Crystal Touch EDGE panels a thickness of 1.1mm and up to 1.5mm if cover glass is required.

Crystal Touch EDGE panels are currently available in sizes up to 4.8-inches and will be featured at SID Display Week in San Diego, June 3-5. Visit Ocular at booth 721 to view samples of the new Crystal Touch EDGE.

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