Nova and Leti Collaborate to Enhance Process Control Schemes for Advanced Lithography

REHOVOT, Israel --- Leti and Nova Measuring Instruments announce a joint program to develop innovative metrology methods to enable leading-edge process control solutions for multi e-beam and directed self-assembly (DSA) advanced lithography techniques. Based on this new joint initiative, Nova has already installed its advanced suite of products at Leti's state-of-the-art facility in France.

In order to meet the fabrication process challenges at the most advanced technology nodes, several lithography technologies are currently evaluated beyond mainstream multi-patterning optical lithography. The main alternatives to be considered include DSA and multi-beam direct-write lithography (ML2). The joint program between Leti and Nova will focus on developing innovative process-control solutions to address the challenges related to these new patterning methods. The collaboration will utilize Nova's T600 multi-channel stand-alone optical metrology platform combined with its innovative MARS modeling software and the recently introduced Hybrid solution, which combines several measurements from different metrology platforms.

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