Non-Contact Sensors Monitor Breathing And Detect Presence

Non-Contact Sensors Monitor Breathing And Detect Presence
Novelda AS

For home automation, sleep monitoring, baby monitoring, and elderly care applications, the XeThru X2M300 and X2M200 non-contact sensor modules can monitor breathing and detect presence even through walls. Based on the company’s proprietary XeThru technology, the modules detect presence just from the chest movement while breathing, and measure both the rate and depth of breathing, allowing breathing patterns to be tracked in real-time. The XeThru X2M300 is intended for smart home automation while the X2M200 sensor is designed for respiration monitoring. Supporting the modules is the XeThru Inspiration Kit, a hardware and software platform that comes complete with two sensor modules and interface boards for connection to a computer. For more details and datasheets, go to:
• X2M300:
• X2M200:
• Inspiration Kit:

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