Non-Contact Laser Sensor Promises Sub-micron Precision

Non-Contact Laser Sensor Promises Sub-micron Precision

The ConoProbe Mark10-HD non-contact laser sensor provides distance and 3D measurements to sub-micron levels. Based on the company's Conoscopic Holography technology, the sensor delivers very high precision measurements down to 0.5µm with wide angular coverage to 150˚ in all directions. The Mark10-HD easily integrates into user software with the company’s Smart 32 SDK or the latest LabVIEW SDK. The laser source and detector are collinear, so narrow bore holes, steep angles, and other complex shapes can easily be measured without the limitations of triangulating angles. Grooves and other deep concavities can be measured in a ratio of up to 1 (diameter) to 10 (depth). The sensor also features a measurement speed up to 9 kHz with no averaging as each measurement counts. A datasheet is available at  

Optical Metrology Inc.
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