Non-Contact Ir Temperature Sensor Challenges Thermocouples

Non-Contact Ir Temperature Sensor Challenges Thermocouples
Calex Mfg. Co. Inc.

The PyroNFC-K miniature infrared temperature sensor promises to be quick and easy to install in place of a traditional thermocouple probe. Fully-configurable, the sensor has a simulated thermocouple output. Its side-entry cable and length of 29 mm make it easy to mount in confined spaces. The pyrometer works by measuring the amount of infrared radiation that a surface emits, and converting that into a meaningful temperature reading within 0.125s. The output works just like a Type K thermocouple that it replaces, and is connected in the same way to the same instrumentation with no need to re-configure it. Then all the sensor needs to start measuring is a supply of 6 to 28 Vdc. Measurements are repeatable, within 0.5% or 0.5°C. A datasheet is available at  

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