NoblePeak Develops Groundbreaking Night-Vision Technology

WAKEFIELD, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- NoblePeak Vision announced that it has successfully developed a groundbreaking single-chip, short-wave infrared (SWIR) image sensor technology, TriWave, using a standard wafer foundry CMOS process. TriWave is the "first commercially viable technology that provides high resolution, zero blooming, and high sensitivity over the visible to SWIR bands of the electromagnetic spectrum (450–1650 nm)."

Users will now be able to capture the atmospheric nightglow to provide clear images in zero light at an affordable price. While there are cameras that intensify existing light, work in low light with NIR illumination, or provide a thermal image, all of these solutions have many compromises that the TriWave technology now addresses.

The TriWave imager is similar to standard CMOS sensors, allowing camera and night-vision equipment manufacturers to easily integrate TriWave-based camera cores into their standard products. NoblePeak is working with many of the industry's leading security camera and military night-vision equipment providers to incorporate the technology and give users true 24/7 security and surveillance capabilities.

"Clear visibility at night is an absolute requirement for split-second threat-detection, assessment and response." said Cliff King, NoblePeak's CEO and co-founder. "The night is the enemy of the security professional, while the U.S. military uses the night for a battlefield advantage. The need for high-performance night vision at a commercially viable price has never been greater. We have the answer for the industry."

TriWave uses two basic components readily supplied by mother nature: the atmospheric nightglow" and the germanium. The atmospheric nightglow coming from bands of radiation 90 km high in the earth's atmosphere, which light up the earth at night (see the nightglow on the company's Web site, and germanium, a semiconductor element that is able to sense this SWIR night glow light source. TriWave is the "world's first germanium-enhanced CMOS image sensor that sees visible, near-infrared, and short-wave infrared light to deliver the perfect day/night camera solution." NoblePeak Vision's TriWave technology will be exhibited at ASIS booth #281, in September for the first time. Manufacturers interested in learning about an OEM relationship can contact Phil Davies [email protected].

About NoblePeak Vision Corp.
NoblePeak Vision provides camera core and imager products sensitive over the visible to SWIR spectrum and that provide breakthrough night-vision performance with applications in the security, transportation, and defense markets. NoblePeak's unique integrated approach allows the entire infrared image sensor to be manufactured in a standard silicon process line, yielding never-before achieved reliability and economics. Founded in 2002, NoblePeak Vision is a private company funded by Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. The company is headquartered

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