The NiteWatchman Automates Routine Hospital Monitoring

Irwin, PA -- IntelliSensor (ISS) has implemented its intelligent wireless sensor solution, The NiteWatchman in a regional hospital to automate the routine monitoring of refrigerators and warming units in the operating room, oxygen storeroom, tissue and blood storage room, and medication-distribution areas.

The wireless sensors function in a mesh network to monitor, capture, and report the temperature data on an hourly basis. The sensor network is connected to the hospital's intranet, allowing the human-free online monitoring, storage, and reporting of the data. The manual tasks of data logging done by nurses have been eliminated. In addition, the sensors in each refrigerator unit can send an email or mobile phone text alert if the temperatures are changing dramatically.

Plus, to maintain the hospital's accreditation, the hospital must show that it accurately and continuously monitors the actual temperatures on a daily basis. This is required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

The wireless network communications are dependent on the physical layout and structures within the hospital and its various departments. Operating in the 2.4 GHz band, no significant radio frequency interference has been experienced. As well, the low-power sensor network will not interfere with any sensitive hospital equipment.

"In many hospitals, temperature monitoring consists of a nurse or orderly with a clipboard making rounds to read a thermometer in each of the refrigerators or warmers," stated John Voytko, co-founder and president of ISS. "This manual activity detracts from patient care that the nurse should be focused on."

The intelligent wireless sensor networks are based on the emerging technology of very small, battery-powered computers and radios integrated with sensors with wireless communication capability. Some refer to them as "motes." The devices can gather data, based on the types of sensors used, which was not possible before because of the cost of wiring and/or facility disruption.

For specifics on the NiteWatchman Hospital Datalogger, visit the Web.

XeC IntelliSensor (ISS) is a software developer for intelligent wireless sensor network technologies, providing temperature monitoring, condition-based equipment maintenance, and HVAC performance analysis. ISS's primary markets are petrochemical processing, energy production, healthcare compliance, and commercial HVAC.

For more information, visit the company's Web site or contact John Voytko at 724-861-9953.

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