NIST Awards Konarka and Air Products $4.7 Million R&D Project

Lowell, MA -- Konarka Technologies Inc., an innovator in the development and commercialization of Power Plastic, a material that converts light to energy, announced the company has been selected, along with Air Products, by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Advanced Technology Program (ATP), to conduct research and development on transparent, flexible solar modules for windows and other building-integrated applications.

"The Advanced Technology Program is changing the way industry approaches R&D, providing a mechanism for industry to extend its technological reach and extend the envelope of what can be attempted," commented Rick Hess, President and CEO of Konarka. "We are delighted to have been selected by NIST to develop this new product technology, which will be accelerated with the ATP funding."

Organic photovoltaic technology is unique among solar-energy alternatives in offering the potential for selecting materials of varying levels of transparency, capable of absorbing narrowly or broadly in one or more regions of the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Konarka will further develop its patented, transparent, metallic-grid electrode technology for the new cell and module architecture. Air Products will develop high-conductivity polymers with more efficient charge-injection capability in OPV cells, thereby improving overall cell electrical performance.

The technology will be suitable for use in windows, capable of controlling transparency for privacy, regulating the wavelength of light passing through for energy conservation and for aesthetics. Because the materials are capable of harvesting indoor as well as outdoor light, the solar modules can be integrated into building sensors, battery chargers, lighting and displays, and wireless security monitoring systems.

About Air Products
Air Products serves customers in industrial, energy, technology, and healthcare markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials, and equipment and services. Founded in 1940, Air Products has built leading positions in key growth markets, such as semiconductor materials, refinery hydrogen, home healthcare services, natural gas liquefaction, and advanced coatings and adhesives. The company is recognized for its innovative culture, operational excellence, and commitment to safety and the environment. Air Products has annual revenues of $9 billion, operations in over 40 countries, and over 20,000 employees around the globe. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

About Konarka Technologies Inc.
Konarka builds products that convert light to energy—anywhere. As the leading developer of polymer photovoltaic technology that provides a source of renewable power in a variety of form factors for commercial, industrial, government, and consumer applications, Konarka has a broad portfolio of patents and technology licenses, and an accomplished technical team. The company's Power Plastic technology is focused on delivering lightweight, flexible, scalable, and manufacturable products. Konarka Technologies is headquartered in Lowell, MA, U.S.A., with European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, business development offices in Asia, and a research and development facility in Austria. For additional information, visit the company's Web site.

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