NIRA Will Deliver Tire Pressure Monitoring System to Volvo Cars

LINKOPING, Sweden -- NIRA will deliver TPI, an indirect tire pressure monitoring system, to Volvo Cars, to further increase the safety of Volvo cars. With a world market share of more than 50%, TPI is the undisputed number one iTPMS. Volvo Cars' decision will further strengthen this position.

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"This order is valuable from several perspectives, one of course that it feels natural to have a cooperation between two high tech companies inSweden, the other is that we hope that this is a start of a broader cooperation with Volvo Cars also in the area of innovation for new functions in the coming generations of cars." (Dr.Predrag Pucar, CEO NIRA Dynamics AB)

TPMS will become mandatory in the EU for all new registered vehicles from 1st November this year. Especially in countries where winter tires are mandatory, TPI has convincing advantages. The switch from summer- to winter tires and back cannot be easier than with TPI. A simple press of a button and everything works again - no more purchasing of additional sensors, no assembly of additional parts, no allocation of the sensors. The use of TPI comes with a substantial saving of toxic electronic waste containing non-removable batteries. The annual saving through the removal of the pressure sensors in the wheels is estimated to be more than 50 tons for Volvo cars alone.

Technology background

There are sensor-based, so-called direct or dTPMS which monitor the pressure with sensors in the wheels through radio transmission. TPI as an indirect or iTPMS does not need such sensors. It is a small software module running in the vehicle's electronic brake system or electronic stability control (ESC). It permanently monitors various signals it receives through the vehicle's information bus systems. Advanced algorithms combine and analyse the signals and detect the characteristic patterns of underinflated tires and can issue a warning to the driver. After a short learning phase, for example after a tire change or pressure check, TPI monitors all four tires simultaneously and detects both punctures on individual wheels as well as slow pressure losses on all four wheels.


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