NIR Spectrometer from Ocean Optics

NIR Spectrometer from Ocean Optics
Ocean Optics Inc.

The NIRQuest from Ocean Optics Inc., Dunedin, FL, is an InGaAs-array spectrometer available in versions for 900–1700 nm, 900–2050 nm, and 900–2500 nm coverage. The device combines a high-performance InGaAs array detector in a compact optical bench with thermoelectric cooler and low-noise electronics. A high-gain mode option improves system sensitivity for low light-level and low-concentration measurements. Integration times are as fast as 1 ms. Applications include moisture analysis in grains and cereals; chemical analysis of blood and tissue; bacterial detection in food and beverage production; nitrogen content monitoring of plants and soils; and chemical composition of pharmaceuticals.

Contact Info

Company: Ocean Optics Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 727-733-2447

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