Nip Analysis System from Sensor Products

Nip Analysis System from Sensor Products
Sensor Products Inc.

The Sigma-Nip from Sensor Products Inc., Madison, NJ, uses a series of thin-film resistive-ink pressure transducers on a carrier sheet that, loaded between your rollers, calculates and records nip width at multiple points across the rollers' face length, in real time. Windows-based software converts the readings into graphical images. The sensors reveal the precise level of pressure and where the pressure is occurring. Active sensor area is 9 in., sensor thickness is 10 mils, reading increments are 0.05 in., resolution is 0.05 in., and nip width range is 0.0125–9 in. Min. pressure is 40 psi, accuracy is ±6% and repeatability is ±98%.

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Company: Sensor Products Inc.
Phone number: 800-755-2201
Fax: 973-884-1699

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