NF Energy Saving Corporation Announces Signing of New Contracts to Supply Flow Control Devices

SHENYANG, China -- NF Energy Saving Corporation recently signed export sales contracts with five companies located in four countries to supply the Company's flow control devices. The contracts signify that the Company's flow control products and services are competitive in the global market.

The four companies come from three countries, including two Indian companies: BHARA heavy electricals limited and JHAJJAR electricals limited, Turkish KAZAN combined cycle power project and Malaysian Chuah Valves Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

In 2014, the Company established a special internet marketing department to promote overseas sales and has created a website called "FMYZT.COM" as a global marketing platform for its valve products pertaining to the Company's strategic business development plan. It is hoped that new communication media, such as the website and WeChat, can help enhance the Company's brand name globally.

NF Energy also plans to establish a new business center in Southeast Asia and expand its distribution network in ASEAN countries, such as India, Malaysia and Indonesia, while attempting to penetrate markets in Australia and New Zealand via sales of its competitive butterfly valves. It is expected that this strategic move will help increase the Company's market share in Southeast Asia, while highlighting its brand and competitiveness in the world.

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