Next-Gen NFC Interface Chip Packs Data And Energy Management

Next-Gen NFC Interface Chip Packs Data And Energy Management
ams AG

Boasting industry-best energy harvesting capability, the AS3955 NFC interface IC enables battery-less designs and wireless li-ion battery charging via unique energy harvesting and data transfer capabilities. Like its predecessor the AS3953, the next generation AS3955 provides a contactless bridge between an NFC reader and any microcontroller. However, it also acts as a power supply for the host device, harvesting as much as 5 mA at 4.5V from the RF energy radiated by an NFC reader. The device also offers a choice of two bi-directional data transfer modes. Extended mode allows the use of standard NFC tag commands to transfer data with minimum processing overhead on the host microcontroller. A second mode, the Tunneling mode, provides a transparent and flexible channel between the reader and the host microcontroller. Neither mode requires data buffering in the AS3955’s internal EEPROM memory, resulting in faster data transfers. Other features include a RF front end that connects to an external NFC antenna, an EEPROM memory of 2 kb or 4 kb, and an SPI or I2C interface. Available in a 10-pin, 3 mm x 3 mm MLPD package, pricing is $0.98 each/1,000. For a datasheet, visit

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