Next-Gen Diagnostic Tool Verifies Speed-Monitoring Systems

Next-Gen Diagnostic Tool Verifies Speed-Monitoring Systems
4B Components Ltd.

The next-generation SpeedMaster diagnostic tool with Pulse Pilot is considered to be the only device that provides independent, real time, and complete verification of an entire speed monitoring system to ensure that alarms and shutdowns are working as expected. SpeedMaster operates in two modes: input mode provides the device with the machine’s actual running speed and output mode allows the device to test the speed switch at set under-speed trip points for real time verification of the monitoring system’s alarm and shutdown functions. There is no need to remove the sensor from the machine shaft or change any system connections in order to use the SpeedMaster. Other features include an ergonomic housing and an OLED display that uses less battery power and provides a brighter display.

4B Components Ltd.
Morton, IL

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