Next Gen AI Software Targets Commercial Wind Industry


AirFusion is breaking new wind with its AirFusion Wind cloud-based workflow and AI-based analysis platform that identifies and classify wind turbine asset damage. The platform delivers faster, more accurate analysis of wind turbine inspection data than human analysis, enabling proactive, predictive maintenance that significantly reduces the risks of catastrophic failure, excessive downtime and performance-based revenue loss.  AirFusion Wind rapidly transforms pixel-based inspection imagery from drones, ground-based sensors and other image capture tools, into data that can be used across the Enterprise to reduce costs and increase earnings.


AirFusion's patent-pending sensor fusion technology in combination with an advanced convolutional neural network (cnn) AI technology core, leverages Terabytes of specialized images in a training set built around vertical-specific heuristics and deep learning techniques from wind experts around the world. The 'self-learning' AI system continually ingests new sensor images and related data to optimize overall accuracy.


AirFusion Wind monitors turbine conditions, identifies damage and asset degradation, streamlines inspection workflows and reporting for smarter more reliable infrastructure monitoring. Technically advanced customer friendly analysis tools help customers get better, more accurate answers from the data they collect while reducing their cost per report. Using AI-based machine learning, accuracy is dramatically increased and the time for human-based data analysis is reduced by up to 95%. For more info, visit AirFusion.